"Stylized digital grunge art" NFT collection by Christina_Fox

Updated: Feb 17

Today I will tell you about one of my most important collections. Сollection is called "Stylized digital grunge art" NFT collection. NFTs from this collection reveal, in sense, the psychology of person, about that what affects some opinion, the status of person, what characterizes each person.

"Stylized digital grunge art" NFT collection

In this NFT collection, I reveal the personalities of different types of people by characterizing them with different characters. In thiscollection all works are drawn exclusively by hand.

For example, character King Louis symbolizes a person who, in order to be in power, must have such qualities as patience, perseverance, be curious and even a little crazy, but at the same time be serious and imposing. These qualities help you reach your goal. But despite the fact that he is the king of jungle and it seems where else he aspires ❓❗️ But Louis doesn't stop there and strives to become a man. This suggests that if person is strong in spirit, he has a goal, and if he has reached this goal, he will not stop on it, he will go further❗️ A successful person doesn't stop at specific goals, and tries to achieve more, since each person has room to develop, and only they themselves can set any limits.

NFT "King Louis"

Harley Monkey character personifies a cheerful, but at the same time she's crazy person. A girl with such character is the soul of company. She is cheerful, always knows how to joke well, but at the same time she is crazy, can go to unpredictable actions, energetic, but if she is offended, she will undoubtedly be able to defend herself and easily fight back.

NFT "Harley Monkey"

Joker describes a person who is weak in spirit, which makes him a loser, no one takes him seriously, mock him, humiliate him. No one don’t think about how some facts affect a person, what failures, mockery of person lead to, if he isn't like others, that patience comes to the chapel and all the influence from your side on a person can lead to unpredictable consequences.

NFT "Joker"

If you are interested in this theme. And you like my art. Follow my "Stylized digital grunge art" NFT collection and you will see a lot of new and interesting things.

If you were interested in this information, then follow my next posts and I will tell you how to 👩‍🎨create high-quality NFT art and how to quickly sell it🚀 without lowering the price❗️

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