"Long life game" NFT collection by Christina_Fox

Updated: Feb 16

Today I will tell you what about my “Long life game” NFT collection. This collection examines life's obstacles, how certain circumstances affect a human, things without which a human can't live in modern society.

“Long life game” NFT collection

In this collection only three #NFTs yet, but I'm not going to stop on it and rather plan to create more #NFTs for this collection.

This collection was created from life experience. This collection says that you never know what fate will bring you, and also that you always have a choice which way to go further, it’s not life makes you, thats you make your life. Life is not an easy thing, and each path will be difficult, it's like a game that you play all your life.

I had to go through a difficult path in order to achieve something and live a new life now. I was born into a not rich family and I had to do everything myself. In my student years, I had to earn extra money to help my parents. At first, I drawed works to order for any money offered, just for not to lose the project, since I had not seniority and not much work experience. I had to sacrifice a lot, at time when my friends and fellow students were studying and hanging out at parties with their parents' money, buying new things and not at all understanding why I lead a different way of life. All day I spent time to studies, after that, I went to work and worked to the last, and it even happened that I had to work until the morning and then again I went to studies. I was engaged in creation of art for games, over time I got regular customers with regular orders. I stopped coping with my orders, as there were already a lot of works and I offered my friends a job, to perform part of my projects. After that, we got even more orders and decided to open a small game art company and hire a few artists. Of course, it was hard, big responsibility, serious projects and some members of our team left our company, but me and my boyfriend continued the activities of our company. And recently, I learned about #NFT and decided to try myself in it. And having gone through such a difficult life path, I decided to create this collection dedicated to my and not only mine, but also to many other people, life path and all its obstacles and called this "Long life game" NFT collection.

Unfortunately, in today's world, money makes our lives. Money gives confidence, power and freedom. Without money, you have no roof over your head, food, things and many other things you need. Without money you think every day how to survive. And when you have money, you don’t think about tomorrow, what you will eat, where you will warm yourself, you are free, you live and a lot begins to depend on you, even other people’s lives. But in order to achieve more in your life, before that you need to go through a difficult life path.

You make your own life, you draw it yourself, it depends on you whether it will burn with bright lights or gradually fade away along with all your desires and goals. I had two choices, either hang out with my peers and live the same poor life without changing anything, and think every day how to live tomorrow, what to do, or work hard and slowly go towards my goal. I chose the second way. It will be hard, but the main thing is not to give up and go to the end, you need to overcome all your fears and weaknesses and then you will achieve your goal.

If you were interested in this information, then follow my next posts and I will tell you how to 👩‍🎨create high-quality NFT art and how to quickly sell it🚀 without lowering the price❗️

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