How to create and configure 🦊Metamask wallet - Instruction for beginners💁‍♀️

To start selling NFTs, we need to choose NFT platform on which you want to sell your NFTs and register on it. But in order to register on NFT platform, first, you need to create 🦊Metamask wallet. To login on NFT platform, you need to sync it with your 🦊Metamask wallet, and also cryptocurrency from sales of your NFTs will be stored on 🦊Metamask wallet.

In today's post, I will tell you about how to create your own 🦊Metamask wallet and what functions you can perform in it.

So, let's begin❗️ To install 🦊Metamask wallet, you need to open Chrome Browser and click on "settings button" in the right corner and "select additional tools" and "extensions".

Then click on "extension" in upper left corner (three stripes icon).

And click "Open Chrome Web Store".

In the search for store, enter 🦊"Metamask" and install it.

Then click "get started".

After that you are offered two variants to import wallet or create one. We need to create a wallet.

And need agree with conditions.

And after that we need to create a password to enter 🦊Metamask wallet, and then confirm it. Then check the box for agreement with conditions and click "create" button.

Next, you need to watch a video about what is recovery phrase and how to secure your wallet, as we will continue to perform this operation. And we press "next".

Now you need to unlock hidden words from which security phrase will be composed.

Copy words that suggested to you and save it in text document. And click "next".

And now you need to select words in the same order as the suggested words that you saved in text document.

And confirm it.

My congratulations❗️ You have just created your own 🦊Metamask wallet❗️ Now click "done".

At the top is your wallet number, which you will indicate to synchronize with NFT platform or to receive payments.

Below you have functions like:

Swap. With this function, you can exchange tokens, for example, convert from Ether to BNB or others.

The second function is "send" cryptocurrency. In the field, indicate number of wallet to which you want to send cryptocurrency.

And the third function is "buy" cryptocurrency. Here you can choose any cryptocurrency and buy it. For example, you have dollars, and want to buy ether. This operation is performed here.

For that, to not look for every time your 🦊Metamask wallet , you can attach it in upper right corner by clicking on "extensions" and on "pin button". And 🦊Metamask icon will appear in upper right corner, which will make it easier for you to find it.

For that to expand 🦊Metamask wallet to full screen, click on "settings button" (three dots) in upper right corner of 🦊Metamask and select "expand view".

Installation and configuration of your 🦊Metamask wallet we finish on it.

You can watch video about how to install 🦊Metamask wallet, about operations

performed, as described above, you can look here 👇👇👇

If you were interested in this information, then follow my next posts and I will tell you how to 👩‍🎨create high-quality NFT art and how to quickly sell it🚀 without lowering the price❗️

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