Christina Fox. How I got into the world of NFT and started selling!

Updated: Jan 21

Hello👋🙂, let's get acquainted. My name is Christina Fox and I'm NFT artist. In my blog, I want to tell you about what NFT is, how it works, from what you need to start in order to join the NFT world, how to sell your NFTs, how to make money on it, what opportunities await you, and also, tell a little about myself, about each of my works and about how I went through the path to get into the world of NFT.

So, in this post, I will tell you a little about myself. I started my journey into the art world as a child. I always loved to draw, drew on the walls of the rooms, which was not a very pleasant surprise for my parents. When I went to school, I loved to illustrate poems in a notebook, and just loved to draw different illustrations even in notebooks from mathematics, which was encouraged by my teachers. Since my parents understood that I really like to draw, they sent me to an art school, which developed the concept of composition and fantasy.

After I finish a school, I entered the I. Trush Lviv State College of Decorative and Fine Arts - a higher educational institution of Ukraine of the second level of accreditation. Where does the training of specialists in the specialty "fine arts" take place. In this college, all attention is paid to the correct construction of a person, the perspective of object, the rules of light and shadow, and creation of composition. All this knowledge is strengthened by annual repetitions of the passage of these materials. This rules is crept deep into my mind.

After graduation in college, in 2010, I went into the world of game development and started creating art for games created for PC and different platforms. At first I worked as a freelancer and drew art for games to order. The customers were from different countries such as Australia, USA, Belorussia, Spain, England, Turkey, Israel, Russia etc. Then, me and my friends created a small team and made some of our own games for sale, this games were bought by companies such publishers companies as like «Y-8» and «Kongregate». After that, we decided to create a small company for creating art for games, where we already hired several artists who helped us create art.

And just recently I heard about NFT and decided to try myself in it. And you know what❓ My attempt to try myself in NFT was a success❗️ I just registered, and in two month later my first NFT was bought! Many people say that there is a lot of competition now, and it's very difficult to compete with those who have been involved in NFT for a long time and they already have a proven reputation, but this is not so. The main thing is to create quality content!

I created several collection variants, such as 3d art, stylized digital grunge art, 2d cartoon art (game art), ecology, life game, and works created with oil paints on canvas. In collection of 3d art, I talk about different technologies and ancient languages. With help of "ecology" collection, I want to take attention of the majority to this problem, which is widespread in the world. The collection "stylized digital grunge art" tells the path of life, how certain circumstances affect each of us, be it a simple person or a celebrity, and character of which animal each person displays and much more. In “life game” collection takes into account life's obstacles, how certain circumstances affect a person, things without which a person can't live in modern society. About all these collections, I will talk in detail in my next posts.

If you were interested in this information, then follow my next posts and I will tell you how to 👩‍🎨create high-quality NFT art and how to quickly sell it🚀 without lowering the price❗️

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