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   NFT is a non-cryptocurrency and non-fungible token. The main difference token from  coins lies in the name itself. Unlike Bitcoin, each NFT is unique, it has no analogue, while a conditional 1 ether can always be sold and bought another 1 ether, and they will be the same. So, let's take a look at what NFT is👇👇👇

✅NTF are reminiscent of  tickets of plane - they seem to be all the same, but but it's not so, tickets differ in numbers and destination, the same with NTF, they are all different from each other.
✅Non-fungible tokens it's creation of digital versions of art and collectibles.
✅NFT you can use to digitize identity cards and documents confirming ownership of any things or real estate.

✅NTF operates on Ethereum blockchain in token ERC-721 format.
✅Tokens you can sold on the secondary market on special exchange platforms and you can buy them, and if you make a good offer, in the future they can bring you a good profit.

Here I bring you special and unique NTFs with their own individual histories and individual style and meaning. Some NTFs will talk about life experiences, achievements, the impact of certain things on a person that touched each of us, as well as interesting historical facts.

   If you are interested in my collection, and you would like to hear a more detailed story about each NTF and other news about NTF, then follow my Blog.
   If some NFT falls into your soul, you can buy it by going to NFT you like and at the bottom selecting button
"buy now", "make offer", or "take part in auction".

Welcome to my collection of NFT art👇👇👇

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