Painting is created with oil paints on canvas, 100% handmade. Architects P. Krasovsky, M. Gradovsky, P. Barbon, P. Rimlyanin, B. Meretin, S. Fesinger and others worked on the development of the Market Square. The buildings were built for the rich nobility and merchants, since the land in the center of the city was extremely expensive. A special tax was paid for the number of windows at that time, which left an imprint on the architecture of the square: the facades of most houses are three-windowed, the internal layout includes a two-window room and a one-window side room-valkyr, most of the houses are built on narrow stretches of land, consisting of the main building, courtyard and outbuildings. The numbering of houses did not exist in the Middle Ages, the houses had their own names: "Under the Lion", "Under the Deer", "Kamyanitsa of the Lukashevichs".

Raining Market Square

Rainy journey.jpg

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