Painting is created with oil paints on canvas, 100% handmade. The square was formed on the site of a former cemetery, which was located around the Cathedral. The cemetery was surrounded by a wall, and a staircase led down from the gate, since the cemetery was much lower than the neighboring Galitskaya Street and Rynok Square. Single crypt-chapels formed dispersed buildings. From the old tombs, only the "Holy Sepulcher" has survived - a sculptural composition, now transferred under the walls of the cathedral. The chapel-burial vault of the Boim family has also survived, which, however, has merged into the current linear development (a residential building is attached to the southern facade). The western building line is formed by the odd side of Teatralnaya Street (houses No. 5, 7, 9). A tram track runs from Berindi street to the market through the square.

Raining Cathedral Square

Rainy journey.jpg

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