Painting is created with oil paints on canvas, 100% handmade. On the shaft is the first name of the street, the first mention of it dates back to 1801. Later it was called the street. Armory higher and lower, Armory Square. The arrangement began in 1811. Five years later, in connection with the arrival in Lviv of the Emperor of Austria Franz I, the area near the modern building of the regional council was leveled and planted with trees. In 1821, at the initiative of the provincial councilor Reitzenheim, the surface of the shaft was leveled and landscaped. The new square was called Reitzenheim, and later - the Governor's Wall.

Around 1841, a new name appeared - Gross Higher, or Upper Shafts (as opposed to Lower Shafts - modern Liberty Avenue). But if at first the houses were placed on the shaft, then later they began to be placed lower - under the shaft. And the name only had to be officially authorized. From 1871 the street was called Podvale. The modern name is from 1944.

Pidvalna Street

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