🦁👑 Lions are the kings not because of the strength they possess but because of their kingship abilities. Lions fear no other, however, like king lions do have enemies. The lion’s worst enemy is the hyena. If we are to compare the life of a king to the lion lifestyle we will realize that lion is more sweat-able for a king than any other animal. Kings wear a crown, relax most of his time with beautiful women around, eat when served by others. However, if the necessity arises King would have no option either to ferociously protect his kingdom or flee away. Also, he would constantly engage to ensure he would expand his kingdom, seize other kingdoms, and rule. The kingdom includes both land and people. If he is no longer capable of ruling his kingdom, he will end up the paving way for another king to rule. Kings enjoy as long as they can. This was how major empires throughout world history were established.

🪐🦁 Space lion

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